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Monday, December 18, 2006

Domingo à tar(rr)de

Lizzie: Did you wish on your next match?
Peter: It wouldn't work if I told you.
Lizzie: Who do you play?
Peter: Good friend of mine actually. Dieter Prohl.
Lizzie: A friend? Then you should know how to beat
him. What are his weaknesses?
Peter: Um, sausages, Wagner, men in leather shorts.
Lizzie: In his game. That's why I gave up having
girlfriends in tennis. You have to dig extra deep to
kill your friends.
Peter: Now I have to kill him?
Lizzie: Without thinking twice. And I don't envy you.
Peter: Why's that?
Lizzie: You practice together, you travel together,
you practically live together. Do you really have what it takes to close out a friend in the third round of Wimbledon? Because that is
killing him. It's a bullet to the heart. That's what's
tough about this game. There's a winner, and there's a loser. And tomorrow, one of you is going to be a loser.

É tempo de decidir o que se quer ser.


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