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Pecado da Preguiça

From the flats and the maisonettes they're reminding us there's things to be done. But you and me, all we want to be is lazy. --- pecadodapreguica(arroba)gmail.com

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Banda sonora original para 26/04

But sometimes
I get the feeling that I'm Stranded in the wrong time
Where love is just a lyric in a tail-goes-round
It sounds by
Is it any wonder that I'm tired
Is it any wonder that I feel uptight
Is it any wonder I don't know what's right
All these days
After all the misery made
Is it any wonder that I feel afraid
Is it any wonder that I feel betraid

(Keane - "Is It Any Wonder")


Blogger luis said...

Não sei se fui eu que traduzi mal, mas acho que gostei mais dos teus post's do dia 19 deste mês...

8:41 pm  
Blogger Vitor said...

nunca mais e dia 11 caraças

9:44 am  

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