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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Numa casa portuguesa fica bem

A minha secretária de trabalho, apesar de continuar num lar de tradição claramente agnóstica, está desde ontem abençoada:

Faz mais sentido para quem tenha visto o filme:

Cardinal Glick: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now we all know how the majority and the media in this country view the Catholic church. They think of us as a passe, archaic institution. People find the Bible obtuse... even hokey. Now in an effort to disprove all that the church has appointed this year as a time of renewal... both of faith and of style. For example, the crucifix. While it has been a time honored symbol of our faith, Holy Mother Church has decided to retire this highly recognizable, yet wholly depressing image of our Lord crucified. Christ didn't come to Earth to give us the willies... He came to help us out. He was a booster. And it is with that take on our Lord in mind that we've come up with a new, more inspiring sigil. So it is with great pleasure that I present you with the first of many revamps the "Catholicism WOW. " campaign will unveil over the next year. I give you... The Buddy Christ. Now that's not the sanctioned term we're using for the symbol, just something we've been kicking around the office, but look at it. Doesn't it... pop? Buddy Christ...

PS: Se é uma action figure (e não um cartoon) ninguém se ofende, certo?


Blogger Vitor said...

Eh pá, se a action figure fosse do Maomé secalhar era boa ideia contratares um exército pessoal...

8:10 pm  
Blogger Eu mesmo said...



11:17 pm  

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