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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

O que eu tenho a dizer sobre a questão do casamento homossexual (só que dito por uma americana louca)

Bush said the amendment to define marriage as only between a man and a woman would “fully protect marriage”. I don’t think marriage needs to be protected from same-sex couples. The biggest threat to marriage is divorce. Divorce is kicking marriage’s ass. Divorce is what ruined my marriage, not Stacy and Anna getting hitched. Most marriages end in divorce. If Bush and the Christian conservatives really want to protect marriage they should propose a constitutional amendment to ban divorce. Divorce is in direct opposition of their Christian beliefs more so than gay marriages. When you get married, and it’s from the Bible, they say, “What has been joined by God let no man put asunder”. See? Marriage should be like the Mafia – once you’re in, you’re in. Ban divorce. The murder rate would go up, but the institution of marriage would be strong and healthy. They’re all just a bunch of hypocrites.

If you’re not gay and you don’t want to marry someone of the same sex, why do you care? (…) Are you really losing sleep, tossing and turning at night in your bed because Bob and Jim are getting married? Why do you care, unless you were planning on fucking Bob or Jim? “That Jim is hot; now he’s off the market”. Somehow gay couples being married affects their straight marriage. What, are you afraid that gays are going to be more successful in their marriage? Your wife is going to throw it in your face. “Dave and Jake are so happy. They never argue”. And you’re thinking, Yeah, well, if you let me fuck you in the ass a couple of times maybe we’d communicate a little better, too. I’m sure that’ll cheer things up around here.

Wanda Sykes, no livro "Yeah, I Said It"


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