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Pecado da Preguiça

From the flats and the maisonettes they're reminding us there's things to be done. But you and me, all we want to be is lazy. --- pecadodapreguica(arroba)gmail.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tenho um fraquinho por escoceses... parte 1

“I find the map and draw a straight line
Over rivers, farms, and state lines
The distance from 'A' to where you'd be
It's only finger-lengths that I see
I touch the place where I'd find your face
My finger in creases of distant dark places”

Snow Patrol com Martha Wainright – “Set The Fire Through The Third Bar”


Blogger x-prep said...

De que serve encontrar o mapa e desenhar essa linha se depois nos é proibido percorrê-la?

11:40 am  

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