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Monday, February 26, 2007

Come and see the baby

A propósito deste post do Pastel de Nata, aqui fica a reflexão do Platão de New York: Shôr Jerry Seinfeld:

My friend just had a baby. There is so much pressure to see this baby. Every time I talk to them, they say “You have got to see the baby. When are you coming over to see the baby? See the baby. See the baby!”
Nobody ever wants you to come over and see their grandfather. “You gotta see him. He’s soooo cute. A hundred and sixty-eight pounds, four ounces. I love when they’re this age. He´s a thousand months. You know the mid-eighties is such a good time for grandpeople. You’ve got to see him. He went to the bathroom by himself today.”
What’s tough about seeing people when they have a new baby is that you have to try and match their level of enthusiasm. They’re always so excited. “What do you think oh him? What do you think?”
Just once I would like to meet a couple that goes, “You know, we’re not that happy with him frankly. I think we really made a big mistake. We should’ve gotten an aquarium. You want him? We’ve really had enough”.


Blogger Allengirl said...

Um dia quando tiver um desses se quiseres ir ver vais, se não quiseres não vais. Mas se fores eu incluo-te no sorteio para ficares com o rebento (o termo rebento não foi escolhido ao calhas)uns meses. E podes dizer que é feio. Eu acredito.

1:39 pm  

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